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New York's Abortion Law is F*cked

New York State law forces a person to carry a non-viable pregnancy to term or continue a pregnancy that threatens their health. 

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) can fix this.

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Sometimes a cause chooses you.

We were 30 weeks into a complicated pregnancy when we found out there was no hope. The baby would never be able to breathe due to a fetal abnormality. The pregnancy was not viable.

We chose to terminate the pregnancy, and that's when we found out we were past New York's 24 week cut-off. New York State law would require Erika carry the pregnancy to term, threatening her health.

Our only option was to fly out of state to get a termination, to borrow money to pay for the $10,000 procedure and travel. We were lucky, we were able to create a solution. Many New Yorker's don't have a choice. 

Each pregnancy is unique. The circumstances facing every pregnant patient are unique. We demand a law that allows doctors and patients to make their own healthcare decisions. We demand the Reproductive Health Act. 

- Garin and Erika


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Opponents of the RHA only have one thing on their side: ignorance.  Few people know about this issue. 


Contact your state senator, tell them you want the abortion law fixed. Then tell everyone you know. #RHA2018

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demand a vote

The Senate Majority Leader has sole discretion to bring the RHA to the floor for a vote. The leader should get one vote, not all the votes. Demand the bill be brought to the floor so we can learn where our elected representatives stand on this issue. 





The RHA does three things. Each is important to ensuring access to critical care

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Abortion is health care, not a crime.

Right now abortion is a class D felony in New York State and carries a sentence of up to seven years in prison.

The RHA takes abortion out of the penal code, and places it in the Public Health Law where it belongs. 

This means doctors and patients can pursue  abortion care without worrying about criminal sanctions.  




The RHA would decriminalize abortions later in pregnancy in cases where the pregnancy threatens the health of the patient or where the pregnancy is not viable.

This would finally bring New York state law in line with Roe v. Wade after 45 years of being blatantly unconstitutional.

Patients would no longer have to travel out of state to get care or be forced to carry unsafe pregnancies. 



The current law only allows doctors to perform abortions, even when that means administering a pill early in pregnancy. 

The RHA would allow Advanced Practice Clinicians (APC's) like Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants to provide abortion care within their licensed scope of practice. 

In underserved areas of the state with limited access to doctors, these medical professionals fill a critical coverage gap. 


"New York must be a national leader in protecting abortion access, ensuring that complex and personal decisions about reproductive healthcare are the sole responsibility of a woman and her medical providers. The rights of New York State families should be fully protected by New York State laws."

-Senator Liz Krueger, Bill Sponsor





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