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New York's Abortion Law is F*cked

New York State law is forcing women to carry non-viable pregnancies or pregnancies that threaten their health. 

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) can fix this.

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It's Election Season!

Does your State Senator support the RHA? See Below
If YES, thank them. If NOPE, vote them out.

If you don't know your state senator, quickly look it up using the button below (opens new page). 

District State Senator Party Supports RHA?
†Not Running for Reelection *Caucuses with Republicans
1Kenneth P. LaValleRepublicanNOPE
2John J. FlanaganRepublicanNOPE
3Thomas Croci †RepublicanNOPE
4Philip M. BoyleRepublicanNOPE
5Carl L. MarcellinoRepublicanNOPE
6Kemp HannonRepublicanNOPE
7Elaine PhillipsRepublicanNOPE
8John BrooksDemocraticYES
9Todd KaminskyDemocraticYES
10James Sanders, Jr.DemocraticYES
11Tony AvellaDemocraticYES
12Michael N. GianarisDemocraticYES
13Jose PeraltaDemocraticYES
14Leroy ComrieDemocraticYES
15Joseph Addabbo, Jr.DemocraticYES
16Toby Ann StaviskyDemocraticYES
17Simcha FelderDemocratic*NOPE
18Martin Malave DilanDemocraticYES
19Roxanne PersaudDemocraticYES
20Jesse HamiltonDemocraticYES
21Kevin S. ParkerDemocraticYES
22Martin J. GoldenRepublicanNOPE
23Diane SavinoDemocraticYES
24Andrew J. LanzaRepublicanNOPE
25Velmanette MontgomeryDemocraticYES
26Brian P. KavanaghDemocraticYES
27Brad M. HoylmanDemocraticYES
28Liz KruegerDemocraticYES
29Jose M. SerranoDemocraticYES
30Brian BenjaminDemocraticYES
31Marisol AlcantaraDemocraticYES
32Luis SepulvedaDemocraticYES
33J. Gustavo RiveraDemocraticYES
34Jeffrey D. KleinDemocraticYES
35Andrea Stewart-CousinsDemocraticYES
36Jamaal BaileyDemocraticYES
37Shelley MayerDemocraticYES
38David CarlucciDemocraticYES
39William Larkin †RepublicanNOPE
40Terrence P. MurphyRepublicanNOPE
41Susan J. SerinoRepublicanNOPE
42John Bonacic †RepublicanNOPE
43Kathleen A. Marchione †RepublicanNOPE
44Neil BreslinDemocraticYES
45Betty LittleRepublicanNOPE
46George AmedoreRepublicanNOPE
47Joseph GriffoRepublicanNOPE
48Patricia RitchieRepublicanNOPE
49James TediscoRepublicanNOPE
50John DeFrancisco †RepublicanNOPE
51James L. SewardRepublicanNOPE
52Frederick J. AksharRepublicanNOPE
53David ValeskyDemocraticYES
54Pam HelmingRepublicanNOPE
55Rich FunkeRepublicanNOPE
56Joseph RobachRepublicanNOPE
57Catharine YoungRepublicanNOPE
58Thomas O'MaraRepublicanNOPE
59Patrick GallivanRepublicanNOPE
60Chris JacobsRepublicanNOPE
61Michael H. RanzenhoferRepublicanNOPE
62Robert OrttRepublicanNOPE
63Timothy M. KennedyDemocraticYES

"New York must be a national leader in protecting abortion access, ensuring that complex and personal decisions about reproductive healthcare are the sole responsibility of a woman and her medical providers. The rights of New York State families should be fully protected by New York State laws."

-Senator Liz Krueger, Bill Sponsor