About Us

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New York’s law denied Erika’s access to a safe and legal abortion in a circumstance protected by Roe v Wade.

Erika Christensen and Garin Marschall are patient advocates for the Reproductive Health Act and for access to abortion throughout pregnancy. In May of 2016, Erika was denied an abortion due to New York’s 24 week cut-off. The couple travelled to Colorado to terminate her pregnancy at 32 weeks. In their case, this was a wanted pregnancy, but they found out at 30 weeks that it was not viable and a risk to Erika’s health.


Erika and Garin are patient-advocates for access to abortion care throughout a person’s pregnancy.

While the law added a financial and emotional burden to an already tragic experience, travelling and paying for an abortion in another state is a luxury that many New Yorkers do not have.

Their experience with the state’s abortion law, and the realization about how others were affected by it, led them to share their story and advocate for reform. They work with a broad coalition of grassroots organizations, reproductive rights advocacy groups, and like-minded activists in the state.

RHAvote is a grassroots advocacy campaign they developed to raise awareness about New York State’s cruel and unconstitutional abortion law, and the people affected by it.