these are resources to help get the word out


The square

The square is the signature image of this campaign. Just copy and paste it or save the image to use it. Blast it out on social media, turn it into a stencil or a sticker, make it the screensaver on your boss's computer. 

Help us get the word out, push people to the website. 




Informational graphics, calls to action, etc. These sharable square images are great for social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. We will keep adding to these. Couple with hashtags like #ReproHealthNY

RHAvote One Sheet v2.jpg


These are one-sheet pages that can be used as quick posters, flyers, or further resources for social media content.  Put them in a shop window, on a bulletin board, a telephone pole, etc.

RHAvote Tearsheet.jpg

call senator flanagan 518-455-2071

Majority Leader Senator John Flanagan has the sole power to call the bill for a vote. Here we have a one-sheet and an old-school tearsheet.